Hello people,

So I haven’t written in a bit due to unforeseen events, although I constantly have ideas for topics to write on or about. Anyways, the inspiration behind this piece is the movie – THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS.

For those of us that have watched this movie starring Will Smith and his son Jaden, we all would have been touched by the various pointers in the movie… pointers to real life that is.

You see what makes that movie unique is not just that it’s a true life story, but the fact that the events that took place in the life of that young mans’ life (CHRIS GARDNER) are still ongoing and they not just could, but are taking place in the life of any young man anywhere in the world right now.

You see, Chris Gardner went through stupendously hard times, he had his wife abandon him, and his friend couldn’t even return the $14 he owed to Chris when he really needed it the most, and apparently that was his closest friend because he was the only friend represented throughout the whole movie. So our dear Chris was abandoned more or less with his 5year old son, without a house, moving from one motel to the other, sometimes spending nights in a “cave” as he and his little, obedient boy (JADEN SMITH) loved to call ’em, he even filled up blood bags with his own blood, just to survive in God’s own country, America.

But you know what really inspired this? You wanna know the reason why I’m typing this on my bed in school, instead of sleeping before my 4pm friendly match?…  Well, I was inspired by Chris’s attitude. The attitude portrayed in that movie is one of champions, a believer, and a winner against all odds. I have thought about it a lot, he was frequently frustrated, not just by his wife who abandoned him and their kid later on, but by his tutor at the brokerage firm where he sought a job appointment, he was humiliated, his goods were frequently stolen from him, as a matter of fact most of the movie clips involved the poor guy chasing some hippie or mentally ill white guy across town because of his goods, and yet he’d wake up the next day, garner up a smile and head out like he had the world at his feet.


That is what he had, and I believe that is what we need…  we as young people, as adults, as Nigerians. I was speaking to a friend of mine in class one Monday morning, we had played a club match against the strongest club in our league in school, and we had lost gallantly and I was just pointing out a few things to my colleague, who happens to be my coach, now I don’t know how old he is exactly, because he seems younger than I am but due to his size, you’d think he was really old, anyway, whether he’s older than me or not, one thing is for sure, he’s definitely wiser, why do I say this? Well I asked him why a lot of people don’t  like me because at the match the day before and at previous matches before that, I  had put on wonderful display after wonderful display and each time after my performance, spectators and opponents alike would walk up to me and say “you played really well bro”, even people that didn’t talk to me normally would do this, yet I wasn’t officially recognized with a Man of the match award, instead the award would go to another one of my teammates who didn’t deserve it and was too ashamed to announce he had received the award, other times the award wasn’t given when my performance was glaringly blinding in its astounding obliteration of other players’ performances (yes persil was duly applied here… moving on    -_-  ).

So, I asked my friend what was wrong, and what it was that i was doing wrong, and he told me quite plainly, “You aren’t doing anything wrong, you are a very good person, but the problem with you is you are always negative, don’t you notice that your response to everything is always negative? You hardly ever smile, you’re mostly always on your own not just in school but at the hostel, you ward off people like you don’t need them or you’re scared of them… you need to be more accommodating, smile more, say more nice things to people, let people feel more comfortable around you, with time, you’ll notice the ambience around you will begin to change and people will automatically look up to you when there is need for a leader.”

Now i know myself, and on a whim I’d say I’m not always negative, I’d say I’m a realist,

(Realism is defined in the Oxford dictionary as;

1: The attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and dealing with it accordingly.

2: The representation of things in a way that is accurate and true to life.)

but on silently considering the words of my wise friend, I began to see reason in his words as I replayed various events in my mind, events where I was quick to berate people’s performance… though I was most probably right in my assessment of their performance in their tasks, it would have been better if I’d just kept mum or better yet encouraged them in spite of their weaknesses/performance.

Positivity, in every thunder storm/cloud there is a silver lining… always and if there is none, you provide one. Yes it might be severely difficult to do this, especially when you’re in the thick of heated arguments or quarrels… the solution? Breath… take deep breaths, it just doesn’t matter how hot your temper is, calm yourself, find something to poke fun at or amuse yourself with, keep quiet and toy with thoughts in your mind, good thoughts though.

My point is be more positive, think more positive thoughts, hope, be prayerful, believe earnestly, work hard towards achieving your goals, smile more, endure more no matter how difficult it may be or the level of insult you’d have to endure, fighting isn’t always the way or the solution, you might be right, Yes, but there are different ways to prove you are right.

Anyway, different strokes for different people, I just thought I’d get this down on my laptop, because from the movie “THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS”, Chris Gardener exhibited a wholly & purely sincere attitude of positivity and kindness, even when his boss asked for $5 and all he had was $7, he gave cheerfully though he hesitated a bit, I have to say at that point I was stunned, considering the world now, and the actions of people in it, if i were in his shoes, I’d never give out that money even if the person that asked for it were @why_vee,  or @ColorMyCake a hot, naked female, no sireee!

Oh well, I hope this post inspired yall, I understand not everyone might have seen the movie or relate to it, but please try and watch it if you can and I hope the story of Chris Gardener, inspires you the way it inspired me.  Stay safe.



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